Is God at Work?

There’s no way to manufacture a move of God. Yes, we follow God’s heart and the Spirit’s leading to plan, pray and prepare in faith that God will move though all we do, but only He can make the move.

At times, we may be tempted to “hype” things up to give the appearance that God is moving (nothing wrong with passion and excitement), but how do we know it’s God?

We see these three things:

1. Tears.

When God moves in a church, there are outward signs of what is occurring in the hearts and lives of those we’re pouring into. And one of the most obvious is tearful responses to the truth that is given in its many forms.

Have the kleenex handy!

2. Talent.

When God is moving, or about to move, in a church, He breaks the ground with new spiritual talent. God understands His church needs leaders and workers to hold the Kingdom harvest that He is about to unleash.

So watch and listen closely for others God is “planting” among you, even if they sound or look different than what you wanted or expected.

3. Time.

The fire and passion that accompanies a “God Vision” brings the sacrifice of time to the equation. There’s generally not the option (nor should it be) to pay and staff all the work that needs to be done in a growing church.

Enthusiasm creates buy-in to the point others are willing to serve and give of their time sacrificially because they see the manifestation of their labor, not just the desired outcome.



A Spiritual War! (pt2)

As I mentioned in my previous blog we are in a spiritual war. The struggles we have in our lives are spiritual battles for freedom from sin. Our Lord not only calls us into battle, He also equips us with tools and armor to fight the evil at hand all around us. God has the strength to overcome our current hardship, whatever it is. The devil has his tactics but you and I have the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20).

With this armor you know the weak points of your enemy and can stand against his best tactics. Sometimes you can’t see a clear path through the gunfire, but when the enemy is all around, you have something greater than this world. Resist the temptation of the enemy and do not fall into his ways. Stand firm as a soldier in the Army of our King. Put on your armor.

Let these tools be a reminder that you have salvation through The Soldier who came before you. Keep your eyes fixed on Him; believe in the Gospel, the great weapon He’s given to us. He has stories to share and past victories to boast in. Jesus Christ has a testimony far greater than you and your fellow comrades, yet He considers you so valuable that He has left death in His grave for you. This is why we are at war.

Our power to succeed in this battle and achieve victory comes from the vast strength of the Lord. Pray in the Spirit, and stay alert. New attacks will come, and new schemes will be plotted to destroy you and take what ground you have fought so hard to acquire. The enemy is real so arm yourselves and be ready for war! Prepare yourself to destroy your enemy!

You can prepare yourself by praying to the Lord. Pray for your fellow soldiers, as I am sure that they are praying for you. Be bold in your mission, for our Army needs more soldiers. We know who will win because our weapon, the Bible, has told us. Share the Gospel you know. If not, your loved ones, friends, and those around you will be taken by the enemy.

So I say again: Be alert! You will face hardships; sacrifices will need to be made. Trials will come; loved ones may die in vain. This is a war. You may be in chains or you may be captured because the enemy is coming at full force. This is no time to back down and stay in the hospital tent. Get out! Be bold! Make war against sin! Hold true to the promise that when you face persecution for your faith, the great importance of what is being fought for; the battle against sin, brings honor and glory to our King because He will win the war with us, His soldiers.