Courageous Prayers! - Family Activity Guide

Whats our Mission?

Our desire is to glorify God by connecting parents and their children through a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to partner with parents in sowing seeds of God's truth into the heart of every child so that they will come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Each week we will provide you with what we call a Family Activity Guide. Take some time to play some crazy games and read the scripture with your children. We strive to partner with you, so you can lead your family spiritually. Please contact the church office if you have any questions. 

Courageous Prayers

This week is all about courageously praying bold prayers! God makes big promises. Sometimes it takes courage to believe we will see them come true. Faith is believing God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do. But courage is living, speaking, behaving, and praying in a way that shows we’re confident those promises will come true for us.

When we make big prayers, we’re not making demands of God or trying to boss Him around, we are just asking to see what He promised come true. When we pray, we need to have confidence that God finishes what He starts. It takes courage to see God’s promises through to the very end. This week’s verse in context actually recalls Elijah’s prayers as an example of this kind of courageous request.


God gives me the courage to stand on His word.


James 5:16 NIV …The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.


Look up and read the story that goes with this week’s message.

Elijah Prays for Rain

1 Kings 17:1, 18:41-46

Bird Feeding

For this messy game, pretend you are a raven feeding Elijah to remember a part of this week’s Bible Theater story.

You’ll Need

Popcorn (or any other light, fluffy snack food)

To Do

1.       Tell everyone they’re going to enjoy this snack “Elijah style.” Show them how to turn their hand into a “raven” by holding their hand as if they were making a puppet talk. Their fingers should all close against their thumb, and will look like a bird’s beak!

2.       Their raven-hand may take only 1 kernel of popcorn at a time, and must drop it successfully into their mouth! Have the kids try it without bending their elbow to make it tricky as if a real raven were dropping food into their mouth from up above.

3.       For fun, you can time the feeding, and see how many they can successfully drop in their mouth in 30 seconds.

Praying Big and Bold

This activity is a beautiful way to help children make bold prayer requests.

You’ll Need

A large paper cross (make one by taping 5 sheets of paper together with 3 down, 2 across, or cutting a cross shape out of poster board)


To Do

1.       Ask your kids what they need to courageously ask of God. (Maybe they need help understanding their schoolwork, or help using more godly words, maybe someone they love is sick and needs healing, maybe your family needs a new home, etc.)

2.       Encourage them to think for a moment about something they could ask of God.

3.       Ask them to write down their requests along with their names on their sticky notes and then have them stick their courageous prayers onto the cross you’ve previously hung.

4.       Parents should be sure to share something they want to boldly ask God for too!

5.       Pray together and make your bold prayers.

6.       Hang the cross somewhere in your home where it will remind you to keep praying!

Make It Rain

Get active to replay the answer to Elijah’s courageous prayer!

You’ll Need


To Do

1.       Tell your kids that you are going to be Elijah and they are going to be raindrops.

2.       Have everyone line up against one wall or go outside to get more space.

3.       Tell them that when you say “Rain” they can start moving toward the finish line, but they must slap their thighs to make a rain sound as they move.

4.       When you say “No Rain!” they must freeze. Any kid who moves after that is out of the game and must go sit out and watch.

5.       Play the game the same way as “Red Light, Green Light” except “Rain, No Rain.”

6.       Stand past the finish line and turn your back to whoever’s playing.

7.       When you say, “Rain!” they can start walking towards the finish line.

8.       After only a few seconds say, “No Rain!” and turn around quickly.

9.       Quickly determine who didn’t freeze quickly enough. Even if they fall down, they must return back to the starting position. Any kind of movement counts.

10.   The first raindrop to reach Elijah wins!


1.       What kinds of things can we talk about to God when we pray? (Anything and everything!)

2.       Why does it take courage to ask God certain things? (Because, it might seem like what we’re asking is impossible, or silly, but God still wants us to ask!)

3.       Does God always answer our prayers the way we want Him to? Why? (No, sometimes we can’t understand why. God is so much higher and understands SO much more than we can. We trust Him no matter how He answers, that He loves us, and is working for our good.)

4.       Have you ever had an answer to a prayer you prayed? Tell about it.

5.       What does it mean in our Say It verse about how a “righteous” man’s prayers are effective? What does righteous mean? (Righteous means right in line with God. A righteous person will pray in line with what God’s Word promises.)

6.       What would you think if a raven flew over your head and dropped food into your mouth? How do you think that made Elijah feel? Do you think God will care for all of your needs too?

7.       What do you need to start praying about this week? How will you remember to keep praying about it?

8.       What will you do to thank God for hearing and answering your prayers?