Courage Endures! - Family Activity Guide

Whats our Mission?

Our desire is to glorify God by connecting parents and their children through a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to partner with parents in sowing seeds of God's truth into the heart of every child so that they will come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Each week we will provide you with what we call a Family Activity Guide. Take some time to play some crazy games and read the scripture with your children. We strive to partner with you, so you can lead your family spiritually. Please contact the church office if you have any questions. 

Courage Endures

This week is all about having courage that doesn’t quit! Courage is easy at the beginning when you first start and you’re sure you’re doing what God wants you to (like He has just given you clear blueprints). Courage is easy toward the end when you see signs that you’re almost done (like the animals show up and clouds start forming).

But courage is very hard for the times that you stick to it and don’t see any progress. It may seem like courage is a one-time act but sometimes it takes more courage to continue to do what’s right day after day. Most opportunities for everyday courage aren’t flashy one-time events, they’re steadfast obedience to what we know is right.


God gives me the courage to keep doing good.


Galatians 6:9 NLT So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.


Look up and read the story that goes with this week’s message.

Noah Builds a Boat on Dry Land

Genesis 6


Ark Animal Round-up

How difficult would it have been for Noah to get two of every kind of animal without God’s help?

You’ll Need

Pairs of small animal toys or pairs of cards with animals on them (like a Memory game set)


Easter basket grass


To Do

1.       Hide all the pairs of animals in a bin and cover them up in Easter basket grass.

2.       Line up along a wall and place the animal bin across the room.

3.       Start the timer and have one person race across the room, grab an animal, and bring it back to the next person in line.

4.       The next person in line then has to run and find the matching animal as fast as they can. When they find the match, they bring it back to the next person in line.

5.       Whoever is next starts the process again by racing to get any other animal. The next person finds its match.

6.       When you’ve found all your matches, stop the timer. You can reset and play again and again trying to beat your fastest time!

7.       Ask if they would like to collect two of every kind of animal, bug, bird, etc. on the planet?

8.       Ask them how they would feel if they knew they HAD to collect two of every animal? How would they do it? Would they need God’s help? (Yep, they would!)



Animal Snack!

Enjoy a snack and a craft that center around our Bible Theater story for the week!

You’ll Need

Animal crackers

Blue construction paper

Animal stickers (or pictures from magazines)

Ark shape cut from brown construction paper

To Do

1.       Let everyone participating enjoy a snack of animal crackers while making this craft.

1.       Create your own pictures of Noah’s Ark using the stickers (or animal pictures), ark cut-out, and blue paper you’ve given them.

2.       Have fun with them during this project time. Ask them which animal is their favorite, which animal would have been the hardest to take care of in the ark, which animal do they wish got “accidentally” left off the ark, what do they think it smelled like and sounded like on the ark, etc.

Don’t Get Tired of Doing Good!

It can be easy to do what is right once, or twice, or even three times. It takes endurance to keep doing good day in and day out.

You’ll Need

A seven-day chart

A reward for achievement of their goal

To Do

1.       Decide with your kids on something that they could improve. (It could be getting better at making their bed each day, or brushing their teeth without being told, or practicing their instrument every day, etc.)

2.       Create a progress chart to track whether or not they met their daily goal.

3.       If your kids do achieve their goal, make sure to reward them! It could be a small toy or treat, or it could be some one-on-one time at a park together, a tickle-fight, etc.

4.       Remind your kids that it will take endurance to do good every single day! Make sure they know how proud you are of them when they do achieve their goal!


1.       What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done? (Mom & Dad should answer this question too!)

2.       Why was it hard for you? Did you give up or keep going? Why? (This is a great way to open up to your kids about how you handle fear, failure, how to endure, etc. It opens the door for them to communicate to you if they’re struggling to endure too!)

3.       What do you think it was like on the Ark with all the animals for 40 days and nights?

4.       Why was Noah courageous? (He never made a boat before, it had never even rained before so people may have mocked him for believing that it would, etc.)

5.       What is something that you would like to do better at this week, and how will you make sure that you do? (Here is where the charts really come in handy! You can also offer to help remind your kids of their goals.)

6.       Why is it important to keep doing good even when we’re bored or tired or angry or not interested?

7.       What are some good things that have happened to you because you didn’t quit at something good? (Made a friend because you are always friendly, scored a goal because you practiced soccer every day, got a good grade because you studied and studied, etc.)