Courage Gives It All! - Family Activity Guide

Whats our Mission?

Our desire is to glorify God by connecting parents and their children through a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to partner with parents in sowing seeds of God's truth into the heart of every child so that they will come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Each week we will provide you with what we call a Family Activity Guide. Take some time to play some crazy games and read the scripture with your children. We strive to partner with you, so you can lead your family spiritually. Please contact the church office if you have any questions. 

Courage Gives It All

We can spend our whole life as a courageous adventure. When we choose to boldly take action, endure and obey through hardships, and pray with confidence, those are only the first steps toward getting even more courage.

As we rely on God’s strength, He’ll continue to ask more of us. When we choose to give our whole life to Him, He will lead us to make even greater sacrifices that take courage only He can give. Jesus lived His life this way. Day by day He courageously lived the way God led Him to.

Finally, He gave His life in a final demonstration of his love for us. He gave it all. When we choose to follow Jesus, He will ask for all of us in return. Making a decision to trust God with our whole lives takes courage, but it is only the beginning of a faith-filled walk with Christ.


God gives me the courage to give it all to Him.


Romans 12:1 NIV …offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.


Look up and read the story that goes with this week’s message.

Jesus Died on the Cross for Us

Matthew 27:11-50

Music Time

The story of Jesus’ sacrifice for us is so amazing and wonderful, we’re often brought to a state of worship just thinking of it! Children are natural worshipers so let them lead you!

To Do

1.       Turn on your favorite Christian radio station, or favorite worship album.

2.       Explain that you’ll have a special time of worshiping God with your whole self!

3.       Let your child be the leader. Tell them to move their body in a way that they think shows God how much they love Him, and brings deeper meaning to the song.

4.       For example, if it’s a fast song, they may choose to jump and wave their arms a lot. A slower song might make them want to move more slowly, or lift their hands.

5.       Tell the child that they will be the leader, and that you will do whatever they do.

6.       Have fun using your whole body to offer worship to God! Try to encourage your kids to lead you away from fear of who might watch, and into the joy of God’s presence.

7.       It takes great courage to worship God this way, but it can be a wonderful way to teach children that God loves to see their own expressions of love and worship. They’re beautiful to Him.

All of Me

Demonstrate exactly what it means to give our whole self to Jesus.

You’ll Need

Cardboard cut in the shape of a person


To Do

1.       Tell your children that you’re going to take your time and draw on this person from head to toe.

2.       Start with the head, and color in the hair and face. Talk about how Jesus had a crown of thorns placed on His head. Promise to guard our thoughts, and use our minds to bring Jesus glory.

3.       Start to color in the body of the person, and talk about how Jesus was whipped for us, and how the Bible says that his wounds make us healed. See if you can think of some way you can use your body to help others. (Maybe carry a grocery bag for someone, offer your shoulder as a good place to cry, or hug someone who’s sad.)

4.       Color in the arms and hands, and talk about how Jesus’ hands were nailed to the cross for us. Try to think of some ways to use your hands to serve God and people.

5.       Color in the legs and feet. Remember that Jesus’ feet were also nailed to the cross. Now try to think of some places we can go to follow Jesus. (Maybe walk to school with someone who looks lonely, or be faithful to go to church, etc.)

6.       When your person is all colored, pray that God will help you to be faithful to use your whole body to worship Him.

Give It All to Jesus

Sometimes we may be tempted to hide certain things from Jesus that we don’t want Him to know about. Let’s be courageous and admit areas of our lives that need to be given to Jesus.

You’ll Need

Cardboard cut in the shape of a cross


Aluminum foil

To Do

1.       Talk about things in your lives that you need to confess and need forgiveness for.

2.       Encourage your kids to share. Let them know they’re safe to talk about whatever they want.

3.       Begin to write on the cross anything that you need to courageously confess and give to Him. (Shouting when angry, complaining about chores, being unkind to siblings, etc.)

4.       After you’ve written all you need to on the cross, cover it with the shiny side of the foil showing.

5.       Talk about how when we confess our sins to Jesus, He faithfully forgives them and helps to cleanse us from them too!


1.       What does it mean to give your life to God? (We make choices according to what God says, not based on what we want.)

2.       What does it mean to make a sacrifice? (It means giving up something we love for something we love even more. Maybe spending free time to help someone else with their homework. We love free time, but we love helping others even more!)

3.       What does Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross say about Him? (He loves us more than we can imagine, that He would do anything to help our friendship with God to be made right.)

4.       What can you do to be a living sacrifice for Jesus this week? Think about what you could do, and who you could help.