Will your God stand the test?

I’m in a pickle; recently I bought a car not knowing that this car has frame damage. Six months of driving later, the plastic on my car as began to fall off. The car will not drive in a straight line, and I can’t fix the alignment because the foundation of my car is too weak.  After six months of owning the car and a handful of tires later, it made me think. Is my foundation based on Christ, will the Spiritual car that I am driving stand up in bad weather, after mechanical issues, or just cruising along HWY 75? What is the frame of my walk with Christ?

“On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand...”

How many of us are driving our spiritual cars on a bent frame? Religious traditions, bent frame. Teaching moral code; bent frame. It breaks my heart to hear the youth say that they go to church just to get their parents off their back or “I’ll go to church but don’t ask me to change my lifestyle” I can’t tell you that I didn’t say these things myself as a youth, but today I realize the harm it made, to those around me, and the effect it took on my spiritual growth. It’s a privilege to know and understand that God pursues a relationship with us, and offers of that straight frame in spite of our wickedness.

“What is your Spiritual car built on?”

Knowledge of the scriptures and understanding the scriptures are two separate things. I’m sure it’s attractive to the un-believer and their argument against their faith in God when they see that religious fool at the super market. Quoting scripture to their best friend well walking out of the market with a pocket full of bubble gum they didn’t pay for. Jesus calls these people useless. Are we being used in the kingdom of God?

“Our Treasure is in heaven, not ourselves.”

You will see a story in the Gospels come up a couple times. This rich, young man approaches Jesus and calls Him good. So, it is safe to say this ruler knew a little about the Son of God. He asks Him the question many of us ask. “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus replies, “There is only one thing” but when reading this scripture He names three things. Jesus then tells this man to sell all that he has, distribute it to the poor, and then to follow Him. Um, I can see this man scratching his head with anger! He was rich, of good health, and ruled his land. Jesus says become poor, sick, and worship me. The man in this story was idolizing these things, Jesus knew that without this man giving up his idols he couldn’t become part of Gods family, and never the less worship Him.

“All other ground is sinking sand..”

See this man in this story had a spiritual bent frame. His value, joy, and peace were not found in Christ. He worshiped money, jewels, and fame. The Son of God said “Do you want to inherit life? Worship Me!