The Heart of Discipline

Whether you realize it or not life is full of disciplines. These disciplines vary for each of us, but for the average person there are common disciplines that we don’t give much thought to.

For instance, most all of us are disciplined to maintain proper hygiene each day: bathing, brushing our teeth, and washing our clothes. Most of us don’t even think about the discipline to drive on the right-hand side of the road (and sometimes drive the speed limit). We also do things like go to work each day and send our children to school. You see, life is full of disciplines.

The Christian life is no different. However, it is the disciplines of the Christian life that scare many people away from the church. I can relate to this in my own life. I didn't want to conform to what some might describe as a moral code when I was younger, so I avoided the things (disciplines) of Christianity.

The fact is God is not primarily concerned with our moral code. He is not concerned with our external behavior as much as he is concerned with our hearts. And the heart is truly what discipline is all about anyways, right?

We are disciplined for the things that we care about. The reason you take a bath is because you care in your heart that you're clean. The reason that you go to work is because you care in your heart to provide for yourself and your family. The reason a Christian goes to church, pray, read the Bible, and so many other things is because they care in their hearts about Jesus.

Jesus is in the business of heart change. And yes, after we give him our hearts our external behaviors and disciplines will change. Will you give him your heart today? Trust him to save you from the sin of your heart and begin to experience the joy and peace of life that you never knew could be so real.