A Spiritual War! (pt1)

Maybe you’ve heard it said, “We’re soldiers in the Army of God.” I have a question: Who are we fighting? It’s easy to say we are fighting the devil, we are fighting sin, etc., but when the Sunday service fades, the dust settles, and Monday comes around, are we still fighting sin?

In an Army, soldiers know their opponent. If they are going to be successful they will know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy and have a strategy. They should be constantly questioning their every move in advance and making adjustments. “Where are we weak and where can this enemy attack? What are we going to do? What are the realities of this war?”

So the thought comes to me: Are we in this Army? Are we prepared for what comes with being soldiers of God? Do you realize that to complete the mission, to share the freedom of the gospel, it may cost your dreams and desires for this life?

However, the victory over the opponent is far better than this temporary life. A soldier selflessly surrenders their well-being for the cause of the mission. They know the risk. They know that with each mission they may face injury or even die on the battlefield.

If we fight, we know that we will win. We know freedom will come. Let me ask again, are we really fighting sin? Will the devil overcome the knowledge of grace in your life? Are you in this war? Are you a soldier ready to engage our spiritual enemy?

The war against sin is not some half-tasked mission. Without a full commitment to the battle, you will die. The enemy will devour you, and sin will have victory in your life. There is no “let me think about it” or “let’s give it a try.” Once you’re in the battle, you either fight the war or you die. The enemy will be overtaken or you will be overtaken by the enemy.

You may stumble at times but you have fellow soldiers, other men and women of God, to pick you up and carry you to safe ground. When you are at full strength you may need to carry a fellow soldier. If one man is down, we are all down!  We are all in this war together.

 By Associate Pastor of Students, Nathan Peterson at First Baptist Church in Pottsboro, Texas.

About the Author

Nathan has ministry experience in Children’s, Youth, and College ministry. He has served at churches in both Collin and Grayson County before having the opportunity to serve the people of First Baptist Pottsboro. Nathan is continuing his education at Liberty University. He enjoys sharing life with the students and going to their extra-circular actives at the schools. He is gifted in service, and teaching the students of Pottsboro to margin their lives to serve the Lord. Ultimately, God has placed a calling on Nathan’s life to reach all generations with the Gospel of the Cross of Christ. More information at fbcpottsboro.com