A Note From the Pastor

Dear Church Family –

I hope everyone is doing well in the face of these harsh weather conditions. I’ve yet to hear any horror stories so I trust you are all taking care of yourselves and your families. I know there are many things we could be doing and even truly need to be doing instead of being locked down indoors, but hopefully you have already seen the blessing in disguise God has given us.

For me, I have been forced to spend close to 60 hours in close proximity with my wife and three children. Even when we went on vacation last week we didn’t do that! Karmen made the comment to me last night how she has noticed a difference in the children because we’ve been together so much. She’s noticed they are happier, and not as wild and defiant. They love being close to their parents.

If I think about that too much it could be depressing but I understand soon normal routines will set back in and life will continue as it has. This is simply a moment to thank God that He’s given us perspective again…in the midst of a trial. Isn’t that so often how He works? I find myself preaching that issue more than most. In the middle of suffering or strife, God is there! The Light shines in the darkness doesn’t it?

During this hour that we are normally privileged to be together in person, we are still together in spirit. Perhaps your outlook on these past few days is a little different than mine, that’s okay. But I pray you still seek what the Father desires to show you. He is always teaching…because He is always there, with you, caring for you, desiring to be close to you. Open your heart to Him again today.

                                Pastor Josh

“Come, let us discuss this”, says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they will be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18