Taking a break from Wednesday night meals

We're taking a break from the 5:15p Wednesday night meals through the end of this year. We know that the Wednesday night meal can be a tremendous blessing for many who get off work and don't have time to fix a meal before church. But we're asking all our families to plan ahead and either have dinner already prepared, pick something up, or eat after church. You can still bring food to the church if you would like to use the fellowship hall.

The main reason for this is we need to give our cooks a break, and this seems the best time to do it. We are also hoping that by January more of our regulars will volunteer to share the cooking rotation. If we could have 8-12 cooks you would only have to cook 4 to 6 times a year. We also need maximum participation to make the meals financially reasonable. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we'll see you tomorrow night at 6p!! No Wednesday night meal!