My Personal Miracle

Here is the newspaper article I wrote last week about my recent miraculous medical experience. I thought for the many who don't get the Pottsboro Sun it would be nice to share on this medium. Thanks for reading!

As I come to write my contribution to the Pastor's column of our paper, I am still in awe and wonder of a gracious God who has worked a miracle in my life. For many who may be unaware, over the summer I developed a one inch testicular non-cystic mass that was most likely cancerous. Throughout the entire discovery and strategic planning I was at complete peace. I trusted whatever surgery needed to be done and whatever treatment would be necessary after the lump was removed. The prayers of literally hundreds of people certainly helped comfort me in this circumstance.

My urologist scheduled surgery at 1:30pm on September 30th and I went in for surgery. The number of friends and family that showed up to support me was remarkable and humbling. Many of them stayed as I laid in the pre-operation staging area; in a gown and with an IV waiting for my turn. Due to surgeries that had gone wrong and emergencies that had come in, I was sent home at 8:30pm without having surgery. That was a tough night considering the emotional preparation to go through a major life event only to be told it wasn't going to happen. I'm sure many people have faced this sort of experience and can relate. It's not easy. Nevertheless, the surgery was scheduled for the next Monday.

The next Monday, November 7th, I went into the hospital knowing something that no one else knew including my wife. A mass that developed over the weeks of August and September was undetectable to me. However, I didn't lose my head and went to the hospital as I was scheduled. Many people were again praying and being supportive as they had been as long as they had known of my condition. This time when the doctor came in to talk to me before the surgery I asked that he examine me and the secret was revealed that the lump was undetectable. His eyes got big and he simply said he was stopping everything and calling for a sonogram. The radiologist confirmed there was nothing there.

Some will and have accredited this to a medical misdiagnosis; some will say it is the power of prayer and a miracle. All I will say is similar to what the blind man said in John 9:25: What this was and what exactly has happened I don't know, what I do know is a month ago I had a one inch non-cystic tumor that was definitely there, and now I don't. God receives all the praise in my life regardless of the outcome. And I do appreciate the prayers of so many that are faithful. My prayer for you today is that this testimony lifts your spirit and faith in a Living God who is intimately involved in your suffering and who is the One and Only that can give you true peace. Trust Him with whatever you are going through. He is the Almighty, Miracle-working God. The greatest of which is certainly salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.